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  • How Secure is Your Steel Building?

    Let’s face it – steel is synonymous with strength. Superman is often known as “The Man of Steel.” He is the most powerful superhero and is called upon to save the people of Earth from alien threats, killer robots, and ruthless billionaires. Your custom steel building is – in essence – just like Superman. While… Full Article

  • How do Building Codes and Permits Work?

    Life is about decisions. Make the wrong or right decision and you’ll face the consequences. The same can be said of the building process. You’ll make decisions, some of which you’ll be responsible for, and others will come with the territory. The decisions you’re responsible for start with the basic ones, like, “should I build… Full Article

  • Don’t Buy a Steel Building on eBay!

    I was on the phone with a buddy of mine the other day. It’s the same conversation you’ve had with your friends before. We had a quick chat about our wives, kids and careers. He asked me how my job was going, having recalled I worked in the steel building industry. That’s when he said… Full Article

  • Are You a “Barn-Again” Farmer?

    You’ve heard of the ‘born-again Christian’, right? For those people that believe, it’s a term that Protestants use to describe the phenomenon of gaining their faith later in life, or someone achieving their spirituality in a religion different than what they grew up believing. But I’m asking you if you’re a “barn-again’ farmer? No, I’m… Full Article

  • Steel Building Coatings Explained

    I often like to tell people that steel buildings are some of the most flexible, durable building solutions on the market today. Thousands of people choose to build with steel every year because of its strength, energy efficiency and cost savings. When it comes to your current or future steel building, you want to make… Full Article

  • 5 Resources You Need Before You Buy a Metal Building

    Before you decide to buy any kind of building for your land, you need to figure out exactly what it is you want. How do you sidestep the marketing slogans, and avoid the sales pitches, and get down to hard and fast facts? Since the process of a buying a metal building can be an… Full Article

  • Stop! Read This BEFORE You Price Your Building Online

    It all starts with a wish. You’re looking for more space, and you need a building on your property. So you begin to fantasize about what you want. Are you looking for a pole barn, or would you rather have a steel building? As you continue to research the topic, you might start to initiate… Full Article

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    The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Your Steel Building Quote

    When people ask me what I do for a living, I always have one answer to explain my job. I make people’s pre-engineered metal building dreams come true. No, I’m not a magician, or a genie, and I don’t have any supernatural powers. But I do have the ability to grant wishes. That requires a… Full Article

  • Don’t Put Limits on Your Building Dreams

    As an engineer and designer, in my line of work, I can honestly say I’ve seen a lot of different buildings. 50’ x 100’ buildings with skew walls, 40’ x 60’ workshops, 80’ x 120’ commercial buildings, and the list goes on and on. I’m actually pretty impressed with some of the designs that people… Full Article

  • The Expert’s Guide to Planning Your Shipping and Freight

    In your mind, what’s the best part of a metal building purchase? Is it seeing your vision on paper for the first time? What about the ability to make additions in the design process, or finally erecting the building? When does the project take shape and come alive for you? Many of the people I… Full Article