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  • Why do Clinton and Trump Keep Bringing Up Foreign Steel?

    The debates are over. Come November 8th, Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump will be elected as the 45th President of the United States of America. If you were one of the millions of Americans who tuned in for one of the presidential debates, you might have heard one of the candidates mention China, foreign steel issues… Full Article

  • Should You Be Choosing Your Own Steel Building Accessories?

    One of the reasons first time builders choose pre-engineered metal buildings for their workshop, garage, agricultural or commercial application is the ability for complete customization. If you take the time to look at different steel buildings, you’ll see a wide range of choices. From different dimensions, paint choices and finishes, a steel building can be… Full Article

  • How Blueprints Can Make or Break a Steel Building Project

    What’s the one constant in a construction project of any kind? I’m sure you might be able to come up with a few regularities, but I’m specifically referring to building blueprints, or drawings, as we call them in the industry. The main principle of any kind of steel building blueprint, drawing or plan is to… Full Article

  • Are You Building Green in 2016?

    Are you building in 2016? Is it important to you to ‘build green?’ Look no further than a pre-engineered steel building. Maybe you’re interested in becoming LEED certified or are just trying to increase your energy savings. No matter what your reason is, steel is the most efficient way to ‘go green.’   Saving Resources Do… Full Article

  • Top 5 Most Popular Types of Steel Buildings

    Steel buildings are some of the most durable construction solutions on the planet. That’s a well known fact. But did you know how versatile pre-engineered steel buildings are? Steel buildings are more than just a boxy warehouse, and they can accommodate any builder’s need. By my estimation, these are the most often requested types of… Full Article

  • A Beginner’s Guide: Steel Buildings vs. Fabric Buildings

    If you’re in search of new workshop, storage area or commercial building, and you’re committed to the research process, chances are you’ll come across tons of information comparing several different types of buildings. Ultimately, your decision should be based off of your needs and your budget. So what approach should you take when looking at… Full Article

  • Bidding Wars: Why Cheaper Isn’t Always Better in Construction

    “The bargain hunters in home building are the ones who get licked!” That’s an actual quote from an architect in the March 1929 issue of Popular Science. In modern language, it translates to ‘cheaper isn’t always better in construction.’ This isn’t a new idea. It’s 2016 and people are still falling in the trap of… Full Article

  • More Evidence Steel Buildings are Smarter Than Pole Barns

    $200 million bucks. Think of what you could do with that kind of money. I know I wouldn’t mind having that much cash in the bank. According to a report from US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, the U.S. Forest Service spent an astounding $200 million a week to fight the fires in the Northwest over… Full Article

  • What are the Tax Benefits of Steel Buildings?

    As we move into the future, our society has the ability to make informed decisions. We’ve become aware that alternatives exist for just about everything. From green energy to vegan diets, you can move away from the status quo and traditional choices if you want. The same can be done when it’s time to build… Full Article

  • Is Your Wood Building Making You Sick?

    Before you engage in any purchase process, you like to gather all the facts. It’s no different when shopping for a building. If durability, flexibility and versatility are all important factors, then a custom residential metal building might be right for you. When you weigh all the pros and cons of a steel building versus… Full Article