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  • Will Adding a Steel Building Increase My Property Value?

    I’ve seen steel buildings increase in popularity every day because builders use these durable, versatile and flexible construction solutions in every application. Not only have homeowners utilized a steel building for residential purposes, but builders have also made additions to their existing property. No doubt that a steel building garage will increase the value of a home,… Full Article

  • The Potential Pitfalls of Purchasing a Steel Building from a Broker

    Nowadays, everything you’ve ever wanted to buy is on the internet, and it’s for sale. From cars to clothes and everything in between, it only takes a few minutes to find exactly what you need. The steel building industry is fairly similar. There are several companies, suppliers and contractors that will advertise and market their steel… Full Article

  • 3 Advantages of Steel Buildings in Flood Zones

    Intense flooding can devastate a community. Just look at Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the past several days. According to a report from USA Today, 100,000 people have registered for federal emergency aid, and more than $55 million dollars have been approved to help with temporary rental assistance, home repairs and other immediate needs. Thousands of… Full Article

  • Why Chinese Steel is Unsafe For Your Next Steel Building Project

    More and more people arrive in the U.S. everyday looking for work. According to CNN, the number of Chinese expat employees in the U.S has spiked dramatically over the last decade. In fact, in the same report, which references an analysis of government data by CNNMoney, the U.S. granted 10,258 L-series visas to Chinese workers… Full Article

  • Do You Know Where Your Steel Building Comes From?

    If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’ve made the decision to purchase a pre-engineered steel building. Congratulations on making a wise decision! Now, I have a few question to ask you. Do you know where your steel comes from? Do you know the difference between American steel and foreign steel from China or India? All… Full Article

  • What Most Companies Won’t Tell You About Steel Building Quotes

    If you’re interested in a steel building for your home, property or business, chances are you’ll have to talk to a steel building provider at some point. Naturally, in order to get pricing, you’ll need to look at a quote or spec sheet. Do you have one, or a few in front of you now? Take a… Full Article

  • A Simple Explanation of Steel Building Manufacturers vs Brokers

    When you’re looking to build a steel building, it’s quite obvious you have choices. You have the freedom to choose who to buy from, when to buy and what to buy. Simple decisions like choosing between Pepsi or Coke, McDonald’s or Burger King, and Chevy or Ford is really just a matter of preference. Each… Full Article

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    What’s the Easiest Way to Protect My New Metal Building?

    It seems like everybody has one great foe in their life they must eventually overcome. Peyton Manning (among others) must battle Tom Brady (again, among others) every year for the MVP award. Dusty Rhodes battled Ric Flair for the world wrestling championship countless times. The great foe for a new metal building might not be… Full Article

  • How Do You Protect Your Steel Building from Rust?

    Steel is one of the most durable, flexible and energy efficient building materials on the planet. It might be the perfect building material for you. Think about it – steel buildings can be assembled quickly, are cost-efficient and extremely versatile. Steel buildings are designed to withstand the elements. Fire, rain, wind, snow and more natural… Full Article

  • What is ‘Oil Canning?’ How Can It Affect a Steel Building?

    You did it. You finally built your new steel building. Now the business that you started in a small room with 10 people has finally grown and expanded. Now the workshop you’ve wanted for the last 30 years is finally standing. You’re on top of the world and ready to work even harder. Maybe you’re… Full Article