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  • 7 Reasons Why Your Next Building Should Be a Steel Building

    Steel buildings are everywhere. Take a drive into a rural town or down the highway in a busy city, and you’re sure to see a steel building. Perhaps even several! In fact, the odds say you will. According to the most recent Annual Report from the Metal Building Manufacturing Association (MBMA), metal building systems account for… Full Article

  • How to Find Financing For Your Metal Barn

    Farmers are constantly searching for ways to improve their property and the farming operations, and the new generation of the metal barn provides some useful options. Not only are they easy to build and modify, but quick to construct and inexpensive to maintain. In addition, the non-combustible nature of the materials makes metal buildings a safer… Full Article

  • Work IN Your Business, Not ON Your Business

    Customers. Employees. Profits. Losses. Bills. Competition. These are just some of the things you must be concerned about when you’re in charge of a small business. Even success can be a concern. If you’re successful, you might have to expand – and it’s ok to admit that poses some potential for some stress! You could… Full Article

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    When the Heat is On, Stay Cool with a Steel Building

    As a small business owner, you might know better than anybody demands and requirements are necessary. When you are interested in expanding your business, you must meet requirements in a timely manner to uphold your customer’s satisfaction and ensure you minimize any loss. This isn’t demanding; it’s a fact of life. Small businesses might need the… Full Article

  • Put Your Business Expansion Plans on Autopilot

    In your time as a small business owner, I’m sure you’ve worn your fair share of hats. You were the first official employee and now you probably manage a whole team of employees. As your business and number of employees continue to grow, so should your building. That could come with its fair share of… Full Article

  • It’s Time to Build Your Dream Steel Motocross Garage!

    Motocross is one sport that’s steadily gaining traction all over the country. Combine action-packed motorcycle races with a rabid fan base, and you’ve got one wild competition. According to the history books, off-road motorcycle racing started in the U.K. in the early 1900’s. Motocross, and now Supercross in the U.S. has completely evolved throughout the years.… Full Article

  • 7 Things to Consider While Building Your Own Art & Photography Studio

    Whether you’re an established artist with photos or paintings on display in a museum, or you haven’t created your first masterpiece yet, you’ll need a place to hunker down and get the creative juices flowing. Are you a parent with an artistic side? There’s no way you’ll be able to get inspired with a house… Full Article

  • 4 Ways a Metal Building Will Help Your Company Retain Profits

    If you’re an entrepreneur, you always have money on your mind. How much can you save, and how much can you spend? The trick is managing your costs, keeping your profits, and making the best investments. Short of going on Shark Tank and trying to solicit capital from Mark Cuban, how do you get the… Full Article

  • 5 Ways to Dump Your Debt and Grow Your Small Business

    To get off the ground, a lot of small businesses enter the marketplace with a ton of debt. There are operation fees, salaries to pay and product costs to account for. Getting rid of that debt can be extremely difficult, but dumping business liability is a lot like getting rid of personal debt. Really, the… Full Article

  • Want to Grow? Here’s 6 Recruiting Tactics You Should Be Using

    For most small businesses, the strength of a company is reliant on two things: the product and the people. Whether you knew it or not, you have the power to influence both. While your product might be pretty straightforward, the people who work at your metal building must sell the product with efficiency. They have… Full Article