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  • What is Holding Your Small Business Back?

    Being a small business owner is hard. You certainly don’t get enough credit, especially with all the hours you pour into your company. It doesn’t matter if you spend every waking moment at your storefront or put in 110%, the unfortunate fact, according to the Small Business Administration, is “about half of all new establishments… Full Article

  • How Can a Metal Barn Save a Farmer Money?

    A farmer’s budget is often stretched between purchasing and maintaining livestock, crops, equipment (both big and small), and general family matters. Obviously, this means most farmers can’t afford to throw money away. Every purchase is critical for a farmer. Wouldn’t you agree? If you buy a stock of seeds, and they don’t produce a bountiful harvest,… Full Article

  • The Competition is Building – Now It’s Your Turn

    It might be one of your worst fears coming true as a small business owner. Your competition is expanding and you have to deal with it everyday. The only thing your customers want to talk about is the future of “that other company” and how excited they are to visit it. The construction crew has… Full Article

  • Why Don’t You Want to Expand Your Business?

    What’s keeping you from growing your business? Of course you want to expand your business and see it bloom into success. Many small business owners are afraid to grow – and we understand it can be a hectic prospect – if you let it become one. What if you decide expansion isn’t in your future?… Full Article

  • Is Your Feed Store Running Out of Room?

    Expansion is often equated with success. You hear it everywhere. Expansion could be called the American dream, and many singers and entertainers even emphasize they started from “the bottom.” Owning just one property isn’t enough to win Monopoly, is it? Start small, and with hard work, you’ll hopefully achieve your dream of being successful. Whether… Full Article

  • 4 Reasons Why You Need a Steel Practice Facility

    If you walk into my office, it’s impossible not to notice all of my sports memorabilia. Flags, team calendars, autographed baseballs and even rare ‘Wheaties’ boxes adorn my desk and occupy my personal space. Honestly, I’ll surround myself with anything Minnesota sports related – banners, jerseys and photos. I’m sure a lot of you are… Full Article

  • 5 Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Your Small Business

    Let me guess…you took one look at the title, and said to yourself, “There is no way I’m doing that!” No entrepreneur, CEO, manager or small business owner would ever knowingly do anything to sabotage his or her own company. But there is some reason why your business isn’t growing. Unfortunately, you can only tread… Full Article

  • Buy or Rent? 3 Common Myths Busted

    There are a ton of factors every small business owner needs to think about when it comes time for more space. As you continue to achieve your goals and increase the profitability of your company, you’ll need a structure that will last for decades, and need little to no maintenance throughout its lifespan. Simply put,… Full Article

  • Are You Ready for a New Business Facility?

    There comes a time in every company’s lifespan when the owners and leaders need to make hard decisions. It happens all over the country everyday, and it even happened to us a few years ago. As our company started to grow and our workforce expanded, it was apparent a new setting was needed to help… Full Article

  • When Is It Time to Expand Your Business?

    Small Business owners have a lot of questions about expansion. Some questions have a simple answer, while others are a bit more complex. Those answers can really vary by your industry. In some situations, a small business could snag a big client, and that’s the only trigger they need to begin growing. Others grow in… Full Article