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  • Is Your Church Stuck in a Rut? Here’s an Easy Fix

    If you’re anything like me, you trust God (or a higher power) has a plan. He is involved in every thought, movement and decision you’ll ever make, and he knows what you’ve done, and what you’ll do in the future. As a pastor or church leader, you might use the phrase ‘preordained.’ If that’s the… Full Article

  • How to Prepare for a Church Relocation

    It’s a big moment for your church. Yes, right now. Is attendance at an all time high, or are you hurting for worshipers? Is your community outreach lacking or impressive? What does your current building look like? Too big? Too small? Too old? Just not the right fit for your congregation? You could spend money… Full Article

  • Bid Too High? Time to Go to Plan ‘B’

    Are you about to embark on a new church construction project? When God tells it you it’s time to start to build, or rebuild your church, you have a lot of options. Most likely, your church building committee or congregation has pondered the right course of action for the church. Now, you might feel like… Full Article

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    What Keeps Churches From Growing?

    Growing a flower or any kind of plant seems simple enough. A daily splash of water, a healthy dose of sunlight, maybe an occasional helping of plant food, and nature just takes over. Plants can grow with minimal effort, or out in the wild with no help at all. Growing a church is a little… Full Article

  • Good News for Pastors: Expansion is Now More Affordable Than Ever

    Believe me when I say this. The most frequently asked question I get every day is, “How much does a steel church building cost?” The honest answer? It really depends. When you plan to expand to a new steel church building, usually the most important factor to people is cost, for obvious reasons. But the… Full Article

  • What Contractors Won’t Tell You About Building Your New Church

    A new church building project is a huge undertaking. From choosing what type of building you want, to the materials and design, you might think it could be tough to get exactly what you want for your budget. That’s true of any building project. In the construction industry, transparency is one of the goals of… Full Article

  • Looking to Relocate Your Church?

    Ask 100 different people what they think a ‘church’ is, and I’m sure you’ll get a bunch of different answers. To some, it’s the actual building in which they worship. For others, it might be a gathering of like-minded people practicing their faith. I think most can agree on a fairly simple answer: A church… Full Article

  • 8 Questions Every Church Should Ask Before Building

    I can tell you, almost for certain, we don’t know each other. There are hundreds of thousands of pastors and church leaders in many denominations across the country. But, even though we’re strangers, I can still guess that you didn’t get into a leadership role unless you cared about the people you intended to lead.… Full Article

  • Don’t Assume Your Church Can’t Afford to Expand

    As a pastor or church leader, there are some conversations you don’t mind having with members of your congregation. Talking about family, fellowship, and faith has to be one of the best parts of the job. On the flip side, there are also discussions you probably dread. I don’t want to put words in your… Full Article

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    What Do All Growing Churches Have in Common?

    If you’re like me, you love doing two things on Sunday: Going to church, and watching football. I’m sure I’m just like many other Americans in that regard. So first, I’m going to ask you a football question – Does the name Steve Emtman ring a bell? You might hark back to his college football… Full Article