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    Inject New Life Into Your Congregation!

    Are you witnessing a decrease in your attendance on Sunday? Are people leaving your community to explore bigger and better opportunities? Does there seem to be just a general lack of interest in going to church? All of these options can be discomforting, but there are a couple of ways you can do to return your… Full Article

  • Is Your Church Making the Right First Impression?

    I’m sure many of you have been in the same situation that I’m in right now. My wife and I are currently shopping for a new church. We’re both from religious families who attended church on a regular basis when we were growing up, and we’re both from similar religious backgrounds. If you’ve gone through… Full Article

  • What Makes Steel Building Churches So Popular?

    I can honestly say this industry is like none other. Working for a steel builder supplier as an engineer, you truly have to appreciate the work that goes into every single steel building project. I’m hard pressed to find another trade that puts as much focus into their product as a manufacturer. Does a fast… Full Article

  • How Pastors Can Lead Volunteers Effectively

    As a pastor or church leader, you can’t be everywhere at once. Your schedule is jam-packed with hospital visits, budget planning, writing your sermon, and all the miscellaneous tasks it takes to keep the church running smoothly. How do you get everything done? Volunteers can be the saving grace of your congregation. Of course, we… Full Article

  • The Season of Giving

    Let me tell you a story. Several years ago, I met a woman in church named Rachel. Appropriate name for a church-going woman, as Rachel was a character in the Bible, the mother to Joseph and Benjamin, from whom two of the Twelve Tribes of Israel originated. The Rachel I knew was quiet and reserved.… Full Article

  • Grow Your Congregation With An Internal Social Media Platform

    As the influence of social media continues to grow outside of the walls of the steel building church, it’s time to start thinking of implementing an internal social media to grow your church internally. How would your congregation grow if they could communicate to each other through a private, internal network designed just for them?… Full Article

  • Healing with Horses: A Closer Look At Hippotherapy

    Equestrian buildings are quite popular with Armstrong Steel customers. Sometimes these steel buildings are used as a barndominium (a barn/condo combination), other times they serve as a simple tack room and stable, and some of these structures serve a much greater purpose – they help build a bond between horse and human that benefits both.… Full Article