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  • The Benefits of Using Steel Buildings as Storage Units

    Almost every person could use more space, right? Over the past few years, or even longer, I bet you’ve probably accumulated a ton of stuff that you just can’t throw away. Even if you’re not a “hoarder,” these items, many of which hold great sentimental value, need to go somewhere. But if they get in… Full Article

  • What is a Metal Building System?

    As a first time builder, you know there’s a lot of information on metal buildings out there. What effects the price of steel? How do permits work? How do you find a concrete engineer? With all of these different questions, it’s tough to know where to start.   A metal building system is just what it sounds… Full Article

  • Steel Buildings – By the Numbers

    Often times, people make most of their major purchasing decisions based on numbers. While words can be manipulated, statistics and figures present a bold, undeniable truth. Why you set out to buy a building, first you want to distinguish which type of building you want. Steel buildings are the most versatile, flexible and durable structures… Full Article

  • Take a Closer Look at Steel Building Acronyms

    Ever stare at several consecutive capital letters in a sentence, and just wondered what they meant in context? For many of us, acronyms are a daily constant. While some are part of everyday speech, like NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) or UFO (Unidentified Flying Object), others are harder to figure out. Throughout your research… Full Article

  • Steel Building Live Loads & Dead Loads – Why They Matter

    Ask a structural engineer what they do for a living. They might tell you they’re a creative designer. It’s possible they might call themselves creators. I’d like to go a different route. I think we’re a bunch of problem solvers. Once you buy a steel building, your plan makes its way to my desk. In this… Full Article

  • What Type of Building ‘Kit’ is Right For You?

    Since you first started playing with toys, you’ve been introduced to some kind of ‘kit.’ When you were a kid, what type of toys did you play with? I’m sure some of you played with G.I. Joe action figures, and others had massive Barbie collections. What about all of the young builders out there? Did… Full Article

  • How Do You Get the “Juice” to Your Job Site?

    While each construction site may be different, they all have one thing in common: they all require some sort of steady power supply. That isn’t always easy, considering sometimes a steel building erection site is in a remote location, and sometimes it’s in the middle of a busy city block. The ability to harness electricity… Full Article

  • Can You Save Money on Insurance Costs by Building with Steel?

    Natural disasters are impossible to predict, and we constantly have to deal with the aftermath. The Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre estimated that 220,000 people in the U.S. were displaced or removed from their homes due to natural disasters in 2013. It’s a startling fact when you put it in global terms; 22 million people lost… Full Article

  • What Does Your Airplane Hangar Need?

    Not all airplane hangars are alike. There is a lot to consider when constructing a prefab steel airplane hangar. The biggest difference between an airplane hangar and a plain old steel workshop is the doors. Doors on an airplane hangar have to be pretty big to accommodate the size of the plane. In turn, the… Full Article

  • Why Gutters are an Important Piece of Your Steel Building

    When you decide to buy a metal building, there are several design questions to answer. What color should my building be? What do I want my roof to look like? How many windows and doors do I want? Don’t forget to include gutters in your building planning. Gutters help support the integrity of foundations as… Full Article