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    Steel Building Quotes: Get a Grasp on Prices and Estimates

    What is the first step of a steel building project, or any construction project for that matter? After you decide to add a new garage, agricultural or commercial building to your property, you’ll most likely start contacting steel building manufacturers for steel building quotes. From there, you can create a timeline for yourself and develop… Full Article

  • Best Practices Guide for First Time Steel Building Buyers

    Every day, I get to begin construction projects with builders across the country. It’s just an exciting prospect to listen to enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers and construction professionals who are on the verge of adding a new workshop, agricultural or commercial building to their property. For some, including many first time builders I’ve spoken to, a building project can… Full Article

  • What is Your Role in a Steel Building Project?

    In the Armstrong Steel Network, I’ve often said that the best, easiest and most cost-effective way to get a steel building is directly from the factory. But what makes the Direct Buy process so easy? Your role in the steel building project! Sure, you’re going to have to do some homework before hand, but that’s… Full Article

  • 4 Important Factors That Will Impact Your Steel Building Cost

    For the past decade, the steel industry has undergone many transformations, and in effect it’s changed the way the construction industry views steel buildings. While the steel itself has been around for hundreds of years, designers and owners of metal buildings are seeing many increased benefits. Because of streamlined processes at manufacturers, energy saving paints… Full Article

  • Why Buy a Steel Building Direct from the Manufacturer?

    When you make the decision to purchase a steel building for your home, farm, business or property, you’re choosing the most flexible, durable and versatile construction solution on the planet. But while arguably the hardest decision is out of your way, you still have an opportunity to hit a few speed bumps throughout the process.… Full Article

  • 10 Reasons First Time Builders Choose Steel Buildings

    So you’re ready for more space. Sure, you could try and find room in your home for all your accumulations, but what about some of the big stuff? Are you a farmer looking to store a tractor? Are you interested in expanding your business? How about a place to park your vehicles or a spot… Full Article

  • 5 Expert Tips for Your Steel Building Purchase

    While browsing the internet one day, I came across some wisdom from a prominent self help author. It had something to do with wise people knowing when to talk to experts, and that confidence can only take you so far. I felt this was pretty powerful because, when you break it down… it rings true. We go… Full Article

  • Wood Buildings vs. Steel Buildings: The Definitive Guide

    Have you made a choice on your building materials yet? At this stage of your planning process, you might not have an idea quite yet. But I’m impressed, because you’re actively taking an interest in finding what might be the best fit for your needs! Let’s start simple. Will you build a wood pole barn… Full Article

  • 5 Signs a Metal Building is Perfect for Your Needs

    Metal buildings are the best solutions on the market for contractors, first time builders and do-it-yourselfers on the market. These durable, virtually maintenance-free solutions come with some amazing benefits. Why is a metal building perfect for your particular needs? 1. You’re sick and tired of repairing your old wooden barn It probably seemed like a… Full Article

  • Get a Savvy Steel Building Manufacturer in Your Corner

    In most major projects or undertakings in life, you need somebody to be there for you. Something or someone to back you up, assist in any way, and set you on the path to success. The Lone Ranger had Tonto, Sherlock Holmes had Dr. Watson, Rocky Balboa had Mickey Goldmill, and Wayne Campbell had…well…he had Garth… Full Article